A timely reminder for our disciples in the old continent and the former colonies that today is Record Store Day. You can buy the new and exclusive No Peace/War comp today. Information below from Clint at Organized Crime Records. Ta!

Here is an updated list of places to pick up the No ☮/War 7” comp on April 16th
REVELATION Records will NOT have this for mail order. All their copies were for international stores only. 
Below is a list of places that you can pick up the Blue (USA) or Yellow (International) versions.
USA RECKLESS RECORDS Chicago, Il USA (http://www.reckless.com
RECKLESS will have the Clear Blue vinyl version limited to 135 that is exclusive to them alone in the United States.After 04/16/11 Reckless will make any copies they have left available to 1 per customer on their website for mail order. ***UPDATE 04/15/11- I have been told that they will try to have any remaining copies posted on their website for order after they close for the day which is at 10pm cst so keep an eye out. I will post any info I receive here.
INTERNATIONAL (Note there may be other places that have this so check your local indie punk and hardcore store) RITUAL MUSIC AND BOOK, Melbourne, Australia (http://ritualmusicandbooks.wordpress.com)KILL THE MUSIC, Brisbane, Australia (http://www.killthemusicstore.com)LUNA SEMPER D.O.O., Zagreb Croatia (http://www.dirtyoldempire.com)GREEN HELL, Munster, Germany (http://www.greenhell.de)BURNOUT, Hamburg, Germany (http://www.burnoutrecords.de)UNDERDOG, Cologne, Germany (http://www.underdogrecordstore.de)CORETEX, Berlin, Germany (http://www.coretexrecords.com)PER KORO RECORDS, Bielefeld Germany (http://www.perkoro.com/home.php)
UPDATES 04/15/11CLARITY RECORDS Adelaide, South Australia (http://www.myspace.com/clarityrecordsadelaide)DISC UNION Tokyo Japan (http://www.diskunion.net)GREED RECORDS Bielefeld / Germany ( http://www.greedrecords.com ) Looks like you can mail order it from them
Thanks all for the support.Clint/OCR